They told you teaching music would involve some sacrifice but they didn’t tell you that you’d sacrifice almost all of your nights and weekends…

You love your students, you love teaching, and you love your nights and weekends but it seems like you can never have it all. You have lessons to plan, assessments to grade, IEPs to follow, parent teacher conferences to attend, faculty meetings, way too many committees, after school rehearsals to lead, and the list goes on…

I’m here to help you conquer your workload and gain back your nights and weekends back with resources you can print and use in your classroom tomorrow!

You’re in the right place if you…

  • teach high school band or K-8 general music
  • spend a little too much time on your teaching prep because you love your students
  • see great ideas on Pinterest but feel like you never have the time to make them
  • want more “me” time but can’t seem to find it
  • feel like a failure if you aren’t spending every bit of time on work

My name’s Michelle and I’m leading the revolution. We’re taking back our nights and weekends.

I’m joining the revolution! Take me to the resources!

I currently teach middle & high school general music, band, and choir through a public virtual school. I have also taught k-2 music, high school band, and private flute/piano to students of all ages. I’ve learned that work life balance can be tough but it’s attainable. It is possible to take care of yourself and be a teacher too. You can’t always do it all but you can be a great music teacher and love teaching with the right resources.

P.S. I also really like…

  • sewing
  • baking
  • puppies
  • the beach
  • yoga
  • playing my flute & uke(prefer baritone over soprano!)
  • books
  • purple things
  • holiday candles

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