School supplies are in stores, school clothes are a sale, and the longest days of summer are behind us. You know what that means? The beginning of the year is coming! Check out these 5 fun name games to use in your music classroom during the beginning of the year.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Name Remix

This song is great for K-2 students. Replace brown bear and other animals with students names.

Jen-na Jen-na (whole group)
Who do you see? (whole group)
I see Ja-mal looking at me! (Jenna)

Bounce High, Bounce Low

This is another game that works well with K-2 students. Usually this game is played with a ball but you could easily replace it with a stuffed animal if you have a small space or are worried about using a ball in the classroom.

Bounce high, bounce low
Bounce the ball to (student name)
(student passes ball to whoever’s name was called)

There are two ways you can play this game:

1. You can select a student who will receive the ball and have the whole class sing the song.

2. You can have the whole class sing “bounce high, bounce low” and the student holding the ball sings “bounce the ball to ___________” by themselves and passes the ball to the student he/she chose. This is a great way to assess student’s singing.

Jump In, Jump Out

This is a fun call and response game for upper elementary or middle school students. The whole group moves and chants:

Jump in, jump out, turn yourself about!
Jump in, jump out, introduce yourself!
My name is __________ (one person)
Yeah! (group)
I like ______________ (one person
Yeah! (group)
And I like ___________ (one person)
Alright! Alright! Alright! (group)

There are a lot of different versions of the chant. This is the wording I prefer to use.

Up the Ladder, Down the Ladder

This is a fun activity to do with grade 2-4 students. You could create your own movements or use the ones in the video above.

Up the ladder, down the ladder
One by one (4 x’s group)

My name is __________ (student)
Your name is ___________ (group)
Repeat 3-5 times depending on the amount of students in your class and then go back to the chorus

Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?

This is classic game an be a great way to learn names. Rather than using the word “stole” as the song traditionally goes, use the word take. This can also tie into a lesson on not taking anything out of the music classroom that isn’t yours.

Who took the cookie from the cookie jar? (teacher or group)
(student name) took the cooke from the cookie jar! (group)
Who me? (student)
Yes you! (group)
Couldn’t be! (student)
Then who? (group)

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