Marching Band Leadership Camp Training Program


Give your student leadership the tools they need to lead this season.

Products Included in this bundle:


All of your marching band leadership team needs training but not all of them will be able to attend a formal leadership camp. This set gives you everything you need to easily put on your own leadership camp right from your own band room for a fraction of the price of sending only one student to a leadership camp. The training will run 6-8 hours depending on how you structure the camp and how much discussion your students generate. You can structure it as a one day camp, 2 evening camp, 10 after school sessions, or whatever else would work best for your band!

This program was designed to cover exploration of leadership topics and application of these topics to your own program. It contains 10 sections in a PowerPoint with a student workbook that accompanies the PowerPoint.

Sections 1-7 explore topics such as defining leadership, giving effective praise and feedback, building relationships, and handling conflict. Each section has a video, reflection questions (located in student workbook), and group discussion questions. Some sections also have partner activities.

Sections 8-10 allow students to practice and plan for the upcoming season. They will practice marching commands, develop skills for leading a sectional, learn how to write goals/set goals for the season, and complete a SWOT analysis for the band as a whole in order to set goals for the entire band.

Included in this set:

Director Suggestions and Tips
Includes FAQs/tips/suggestions, sample schedule of 1 and 2 day camps, and preparation to do checklist

Marching Band Leadership Slides (PowerPoint and PDF included)
34 slides that include discussion questions, videos, and activities plus 1 blank slide

Student Workbook PDF
34 pages of questions and exercises that correspond with the leadership slides plus 2 additional notes pages

Marching Band Would You Rather? Icebreaker PDF
Start off your leadership training with a fun activity. Includes 20 marching band would you rather questions included plus a sheet that allows you to create your own.

Leadership Goal Planner Sheets PDF
2 pages that consist of a full week spread. Includes goal focus and reflection for each week

Editable Letter to Students Word Doc
Pre-made letter written in a word doc for students on your leadership team giving them details about the camp


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